About Us



Out of the Woodworks is a mom and pop business. 

Brian is the craftsman. 

Christina helps inspire, enjoys working alongside with Brian on projects ......and handles all the paperwork that needs to be done.

Brian and Christina have been together for 22 years and joined their professional talents to become a woodworking powerhouse. 

Daughter Aleah and their dogs, Chula and Lobo, also like to occasionally help out….well frankly, hang out....at the shop. 

Brian was born into woodworking; his father and grandfather were woodworking hobbyists and Brian eagerly watched and learned as a child. Since a teenager, Brian has built up his expertise (no pun intended) working in a molding company, several cabinet/furniture workshops and a flooring installation company. A decade ago, he combined all of his skills and started out on his own with Out of the Woodworks LLC.